Frauke Schnoor is a Picture Editor based in Hamburg. She has worked with ZEIT CAMPUS, Studio Andreas Wellnitz, Das Magazin, NEON, loved, Working Woman, Der Spiegel, Weltkunst, dOCUMENTA(13).
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Topics she has worked on include: Axolotl Overkill Beach Blond Boros Bosnia Car Cat Digitisation Doppelleben Einstein Exile Faith Fight Haase Halloween Home Hyde Park Ice Cream IQ Iskin Isle of Muck Literature Low Carb Miami Money Nutrition Office Pop Relax Religion Rent RIN Run Sandals Stalker Statistics Surveillance Time Travelbag TV Vegan Vote Wien


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Kirchknopf & Grambow shot Helene Hegemann und Jasna Fritzi Bauer for NEON
Werner Amann visited the beaches of Albania for Das Magazin
Clara Nebeling visited models at home for NEON Magazin
Maurice Haas for Das Magazin
Julian Baumann for NEON
Maurice Haas shot people with their most precious purchase for Das Magazin
NEON chapter opener by Arseni Khamzin
Jean-Vincent Simonet for Working Woman
Golden Cosmos for Das Magazin
Craig & Karl for Das Magazin
Monica Hoefler visited cubans in Miami for Das Magazin
Anoush Abrar for Das Magazin
Frederike Hantel for NEON
Jella Haase by BENJAKON for NEON
Vitali Gelwich for NEON Magazin fashion issue
Clara Nebeling for NEON Magazin
Damien Florébert Cuypers for Das Magazin
Claudia Klein for Das Magazin
Alistair Matthews for Working Woman
Alexander Iskin by Lukas Gansterer for NEON
Muir Vidler visited an Irish island with only 30 inhabitants for Das Magazin
Linda Linko illustrated short stories for NEON Magazin
Trey Wright for NEON
Monica Hoefler for Das Magazin
Andreas Gefe for Das Magazin
Trey Wright for NEON
Grant Cornett for Das Magazin
Manuel Nieberle met RIN in Bietigheim-Bissingen for NEON
Bartosz Ludwinski for NEON
Maurice Haas portrayed a young muslim convert for Das Magazin
Christina Gransow illustrated different living ideals for NEON Magazin
Manuel Nieberle met RIN in Bietigheim-Bissingen for NEON
Clara Nebeling for NEON Magazin
Nacho Alegre for Das Magazin
Zohar Lazar for Das Magazin
Thomas Nondh Jansen for NEON Magazin
Photo by Chris Maggio, image research for NEON
HifuMiyo1234 illustrated accessories for Das Magazin
Maurice Haas for Das Magazin
Antje Peters for NEON Magazin
Robin Kranz for Das Magazin
Kevin Kühnert by Niktia Teryoshin for NEON
Oliver Helbig for Das Magazin